Do you get by with editing just on a laptop? Or use an external?

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Re: Do you get by with editing just on a laptop? Or use an external?

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I have a powerful 15.4" MBP and I've been using it for editing on it for years. I never really got an external monitor where I was perfectly happy with the color. But I was thinking maybe I just need a stand to make my laptop a bit more ergonomic, with an external keyboard and such.

This had me wondering how many working photos get by on just a laptop, or do most rely on externals? I ask because I think this is an area that could open up my creative output, but it also might just be more clutter! Ha

I have multiple computers, but one of my most freeing is my Windows Surface Book

The detachable touch screen lets me flip it around and use it like an easel, I can take it anywhere and it is very portable.

Apple v Windows is largely a preference issue, but Apple really let their creatives down by not having a real touch screen laptop.

Once upon a time, there was a touch-screen hack Powerbook.
It vanished from the market.
There are workarounds: You can use your iPad as a second screen with your laptop. Or you can get the AirBar that supposedly makes the normal screen seem like a touch screen. Some years ago, I bought an HP touch screen laptop for photoshop photo editing. 
That was a bad move.
I gave it to my son who forgot it at the airport and never bothered to claim it.

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