Is this Sony 20mm F1.8 too decentered or good as can be expected?

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Re: Is this Sony 20mm F1.8 too decentered or good as can be expected?

Martin_99 wrote:

I learned this testing method from Phillip Reeve web

How to rate your shots:

Before you rate your shots there are a few things to consider:

  • A perfectly centered lens does not exist and a very slight decentering you will only rarely if ever notice in your pictures.
  • There is no objective standard. You will have to decide if what you see is an issue for you or not and if you can expect to find a better copy.
  • Every manufacturer ships decentered lenses, but some are worse than others. Zeiss for example has significantly better quality control than Sony, but no manufacturer is perfect.
  • Usually fast and wide lenses are more prone to decentering.
  • Zooms are more prone to decentering, compared to primes you should lower your standard a bit.
  • When testing zooms for decentering you should do it at the extremes and in the middle.
  • If your lens has field curvature the corners will look worse than the center. To check centering you need to compare the corners to each other, not compare the corners to the center.

Thanks for flagging! Exact same article I learned from!!!

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