Is this Sony 20mm F1.8 too decentered or good as can be expected?

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Re: Is this Sony 20mm F1.8 too decentered or good as can be expected?

Sorry all, I should of included more details on the method by which the pictures were taken and the camera model.

All images were taken with the A7RIII. The method was focusing on distant license plates/signs etc via precise autofocus. Then standing in the same spot, switching to manual focus ((but not adjusting it)) and taking a photo of the distant object in each of the corners. I do think this method even at f1.8 would have each corner still very much in focus per a depth of field calculator and previous testing of my other lenses with his method.

I hand held the photos and did not use a tripod — but, all the pictures are at very high shutter speeds, 1/1000+ and many closer to 1/4000. Even if there was some error in my technique, it didn’t average out and basically all of my corner sets showed the left as inferior to the right.

This lens is definitely not perfect. I have gotten lucky in the past and had a close to flawless 24-105G and a now sold 16-35 gm.

I get it that some people thinking testing a lens to this degree is ridiculous, but really the only reason I buy a lens this fast… is to take probably at least 50 percent of my pictures in the dark at f2.8 or faster.

I personally think we (prosumer and professional buyers) tolerate way too much variance and sloppy build quality from manufactures. It would cost Sony, Canon, whoever maybe an extra 50 dollars at best to put each lens through real testing. And I would gladly pay an extra 50 lens for a copy “certified” by the manufacture to be a good copy.  I really can't think of any other 1000 dollar plus + products that have such a short warranty and high variance.

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