Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

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Re: Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

It has been interesting reading through the comments and your replies. I take it you really want to get a long zoom but are wanting confirmation that it is money well spent. The only decisions to make are price and weight... but the apprehension is price per photo, what if you only take one photo a year with a lens costing more than the rest of your kit added together?

Here's the cheap solution. Buy a compact with a mega zoom. I don't mean a 4/3rds, but a good old fashioned point and shoot which you'll pick up second hand for buttons. Then take that everywhere with you together with your regular kit and see how much photography you do at the long end. At least you'll then have an idea how much you'd use a long zoom if you had one. It won't make the big lens any cheaper or lighter, but it is one variable checked off the list

Oh, and seeing as you have a 100mm zoom, take a look at your own stats and see how often you shoot that at 100mm compared to the upper 90s. It is an indication whether you use it as a zoom or feel restricted by a 100mm prime. The graph posted earlier showing travel usage actually tells you very little as fewer people carry longer zooms on travel, and people often can't be bothered changing a lens for a shot or two even if it is in their bag. Well I'm assuming I'm not the only one guilty of that.

And don't forget, if you do get a long zoom you will almost certainly need a decent tripod to lug around with it.

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