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Re: Lest I be called a Nikon hating heathen...

1llusive wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

MrHollywood wrote:

Yes, that 1.8S is a killer lens. I just want to see what the 1.2 S is like and make a choice then.

Nice shots.


Thank you Robert.

I think your response really illustrates my point. That we even consider sizing up the 1.8 vs. the 1.2 demonstrates how Nikon has undercut itself. In the DSLR days, those 2 lenses would have been worlds apart.

I think Nikon can't afford to not make a world-beating set of f/1.8 primes at this point in the game. They want reasons for people to shoot Nikon, and dang gummit they are creating those reasons.

Absolutely! At the expense of their 1.2's when they could have been concentrating on other things.

check out the 1.2 vs. 1.8 thread.... An awful lot of, "no thanks, not justified" "boy I wish I could justify it, but that 1.8 is too darn sweet." "1.8 is too similar... and when I factor in the weight and size it is a no brainer."

Time would have been better spent on pancakes, smaller primes, 105, 58...

But hey- who knows... Maybe if they come out with an 85 and 50 1.4!  Imagine how sweet it would be!

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