FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

jlina wrote:

Thank you Ashley! I did have the green square (focus) on the sign. But focus is something I struggle with, it might have been in another picture. I'm also still learning terminology.

Appreciate you sharing your settings and the manual info! Your settings sound like exactly what I did in photoshop actually. 😁 Happy Holidays!

One aspect of focus that might be confusing is multiple areas from which to choose. Focus can be obtained at one distance, using the multiple area mode relegates to the camera to choose the distance at which to focus.

I generally set the camera to a single point focus and use back button focus to set focal point which provides the freedom to reframe. Of course this method is totally wrong for moving subjects.

Here's an example of using pin point focus and back button focus. Left is sooc jpg, right is editied raw.

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