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Lest I be called a Nikon hating heathen...

Please understand where I am coming from. With Nikon DSLR's there was a measurable difference in 1.8 primes and the G 1.4's. This was both in build quality, performance and images. It was significant, so much so that we paid a significant premium to lug them around and were rewarded with beautiful images. Sure, you would have a few claiming that differences were negligible, but we all kind of let them ramble on and felt bad for them.

So the knee jerk reaction when the s line came out was: "Oh, these lenses aren't pro- they are only 1.8!" No-no, fro. Image after image, review after review exalted these primes. There build was solid, performance- speedy and accurate... and images, Wow. On top of that we have cameras that delivering smoother images in lower light and higher ISO's.

To be perfectly honest- they are underpriced.

So what comes next? The knee jerk- DSLR bred: I want the faster pro glass. This isn't pro! So, we get a "faster" (just) lens. Now, the difference between the 1.8 and 1.2 output is miniscule. That was never previously the case... There was always multiple reasons to justify the larger price tag. I have watched multiple videos, looked at side by sides... can I see a difference, yes. Is it a difference that affects the overall image- absolutely not. No busy bokeh, no lack of sharp focus, no compromised colors. So when someone says they "need" the 1.2, it is not the need that we had with the G. It is much more on the scale of "want." Which is a wonderful thing too... unless you are a camera company that makes money off of selling lenses and decide to quadruple the price of glass that is on par with it's cheap brother.

(I "want" the 1.2, and I will try it out and see if I can justify any reason for having it)

So when "your friend" tells you that Nikon is engaged in producing multiple variations of lenses because they are paranoid about 3rd party lenses that don't even exist- it gives me pause. I get the sense that Captain Quigg is at the helm (look it up millennials).

MrHollywood wrote:

I eagerly await the 85mm 1.2s!



Robert, The 1.8 is beauty. Why wait? And will it come with a tripod collar?

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