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UV filter

jlina wrote:

Oh my gosh John!! That's exactly what I'm experiencing! So if you shoot without a lens filter do you clean the the camera lens every time you come home? Because I also read not to clean that too often it can damage the coating on the lens. Until I could get an exact answer on this I did not understand what to do when I do not have a filter on the camera. You know I'm often in front of waves down here. Thanks 😊

Dear jlina, if you search on the Open forum or Beginner forum here on DPR, you might find many discussions on UV filter, in fact most other non specific filters included, been a very hot topic. A lot of senior members there strongly against a filter due to the possible degrade on IQ, if using low quality one, to increasing chance of flare ( internal reflection), ghost etc. When there will be UFO, strange artifacts on images, the first question will be: did you use a filter?

In fact unlike the film era during when we needed an UV filter to deal with UV light, there is an UV filter stacked on top of the sensor In our digital camera of today. Basically the effectiveness of an add on UV filter in front of the lens has been reduced materially.

Of course, circular polarizer, ND or other specific filters for specific applications are still useful.

For protection purpose only, over half opinion on using a lens hood.

Since I have quite many good quality UV filters inherited from film cameras, I reuse them on the newer lenses. I also had bought Panasonic protective filter long ago (back to my FZ5 and FZ30 time), they are also still using now. I could be lucky to have the good quailty filters so no negative effect been observed so far. I am therefore neutral on UV filter usage.

If you don't have one yet, likely no urgent need to get one since it won't improve your photo (if no bad affection). Put on the supplied lens hood could protect your lens to some degree.

Cleaning with care also can be safe. 😀

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