FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

jlina wrote:

Oh my gosh John!! That's exactly what I'm experiencing! So if you shoot without a lens filter do you clean the the camera lens every time you come home? Because I also read not to clean that too often it can damage the coating on the lens. Until I could get an exact answer on this I did not understand what to do when I do not have a filter on the camera. You know I'm often in front of waves down here. Thanks 😊

If I were in your shoes, I would not worry about such tangential problems - not now.

I know John was being helpful, and he was spot on with the Hoya filter suggestion, but it is not a huge make-or-break factor in your mastering of your new FZ300.

For all its worth, I rarely, if ever, install UV filters on my lenses - plural. I use a few ILC’s (interchageable-lens cameras) with various lenses of different filter sizes - imagine the many filters I have to purchase. Also, I rarely, if ever, “wipe down” the front elements of my lenses after returning from shooting sessions.

Not that I don’t care about my gear. My gear is, in general, in good shape in appearance and in operation.

I have shot when it was raining and when it was snowing...

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