New York City 13 B&W images

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Re: Thank You!!!

Shutter. wrote:

Hey David,

You know, I've been wanting to see street photos from NY for a long
time on these forums. It's funny, the largest city in America but
we hardly ever see photos from there. A good grittyness here.
Maybe too many hot spots in some of them (especially the newstand
photo, which I would have loved if it wasn't quite so contrasty).
My favorite is Time Square.

Great series. Lets see more!


Thank you very much. The hot spots were done intentionally in P/S to make the photos appear "right" to my twisted eye.

I prepared for this trip for a month, with most of the shots already in my head befrore I got there.

I am planning another shoot in the spring (I'm from Ft. Lauderdale) and the bulk of what I want to do is already in my mind. I thought a shoot in New Orleans this winter might yield the same kind of stuff. (Nothing in my head for that trip yet).

David L. Zimmerman

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