Deciding between RF 28-70/f2. 24-70/f2.8 and 50/f1.2

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Re: Deciding between RF 28-70/f2. 24-70/f2.8 and 50/f1.2

as a photographer who does not make money off of photo work at this time I chose the rf 50 1.2... I never had such a quality lens.

I wonder if I would have been better served by the 28-70. I feel the specialness of the rf 50 1.2 and the 28-70 2.0 are what distinguished them for me.

the 24-70 focal length has not been the most useful for me with my 24-70 tamron g1... though I am more of an opportunist, run and gun photographer.

something I have noticed shooting with the rf 50 1.2 is that when shooting very wide it's almost like the light takes on some otherworldly quality, the way that the scene is illumined seems different sometimes in a surprising way... I am not sure how to describe it. so much sensitivity taking in a dimly lit scene can almost seem like a macro photograph in the way that it exposes the details of the environment.

good luck in your search. I hope you find what is most satisfying for you.

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