Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

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Re: Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

darrenhaken wrote:

Would a 70-200 offer some of the photographic properties you've mentioned or should I really be considering a 100-400 range?

Perhaps this graphic will help you a little bit. This image represents the 'average' photography usage of lenses. As you can see the wider end and the longer end has less usage than the middle, but the usage is slightly skewed to the wider side of focal lengths.

What it demonstrates is the farther from the normal lens focal length be it wider or longer, the less usage there tends to be. There is less usage with a 300mm versus a 200mm versus a 100mm and so on.

You have to interpret and apply your personal photography to this 'average'. For instance, someone who shoots a lot of wildlife or sports their personal curve would be highly skewed to the right side or telephoto side, a portrait photographer would be skewed to the short telephoto...

This curve is more typical of the travel photographer who is considered a more averaged user of the focal range due to the combination of a wide variety of subject matter you encounter, but again it's going to be varied by the photographer's personal style and what they like to shoot and how they see the world.

One thing you can do since it seems like you don't have a lot of experience shooting longer lenses and are trying to get a mental picture of what can be accomplished with them, is to go through the treads of this forum and look at the images posted, hover your mouse over the pictures and the exif data will pop up and you can see the focal length of the lens used in the image.

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