The Human Eye-Digital or Analog?

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Re: The Human Eye not Digital nor Analog.

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You cannot apply these technical terms to a biological system.
Our vision is a simulation created by the wetware of our brain, taking calibrations from our senses to stay useful in its purpose to keep us alive.

It is rather ironic that those attributes which contributed to our survival make it so unreliable.

Nature goes with 'good enough', it never strives for perfection.

Pedantically, nature is the description of what has happened, there is no agency in it.

Regardless, it is what the 'good enough' entails that causes the confusion. People tend to think their eyes record everything that is there and then it slowly fades. In truth, the brain instantly discards much of the information. Never stores it at all. The amount of information in a scene, especially one with moving/changing components, is massive. Our ancestors, who evolved to quickly evaluate and discard the unessential, are the ones who survived to breed. The criteria that kept them alive on the savannahs of ancient Africa do not translate perfectly to modern life.

That's a good shorthand about what is going on.
You are right, Nature has no will or goals. I think it has an intelligence, though, one that exists without the subject, the Knower.
I am really fascinated with modern studies on how different parts of the visual experience are constructed in various parts of the brain, incorporating info from the vestibular organ, proprioception, memory, and also emotional circuits of the brain.
The reality we live in, not just the visual part of it is a creation of the brain.
This realization changed totally the way I look at the world today.
I strongly recommend reading Christof Koch's books on the subject.

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