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Re: 1:1 macro with 120 and 45 extension tube - driftwood

AZ Steve wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

You know there is something not quite right about this shot. It is nice but at full pixel res on my monitor it is not super fine sharp at the 1:1 full level - like the tiny little grains of wood are ever so slightly blurred.

Maybe there was some tripod movement but it seemed rock solid and the 144 shots were of course electronic shutter.

Like an old macro pro told me one time, sometimes macro shots of objects at 1:1 are not rock solid sharp at the finest detail all the way through when you focus stack and you just have to try it again.

I was just thinking of how sharp that 200 year old Roman glass was.

But this wood grain is a softer less edge defined object so I'm not sure.

But GFX 100 files and focus stacking - this think should be razor sharp at full res peeking.

The building may be moving a little. The really cool kids who aren't on the ground floor go to a purveyor of tombstones and get a slab of granite thicker than a counter-top, and then mount it on carefully chosen Sorbothane supports, and put both the camera and the subject on the slab. Short of that, you could collapse the tripod and put it on a heavy table along with the subject. Another consideration about support: while I use the type of geared head you have, the cooler kids eschew such heads as rickety, preferring the Cube, only $1820 at B&H, but they're out of stock today -- Cubes make such good stocking-stuffers.

And I do wonder about that pesky whirring noise from the lens: where there's noise there's some mass moving at audio frequencies, maybe OK, but just a tiny chance maybe not.

Another thing to try, a bit of effort but free of charge, is to do the stack with a trial copy of Zerene Stacker, just to see if it does alignment and scaling a bit better; no telling.

Steve, I came very close to getting that cube.  I actually had it ordered.....  Jim made me do it on that macro rig thread a few months ago.  But someone else on this Board talked me out of it.  If I really get into macro, I will get it.

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