a7c gyro data + catalyst browse + OSS

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Re: a7c gyro data + catalyst browse + OSS

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Recently jumped ship from the micro four thirds system and picked up the a7c

Looking for a wide zoom lens for video and deciding between the Sony 16-35 f4 and the Tamron 17-28 f2.8.

I understand to utilize the gyro data on the a7c with catalyst browse I need to leave the IBIS off. My question is can I still use the OSS in the Sony lens along with using gyro data in catalyst browse?

If so this makes my lens decision quite simple and I will go for the Sony lens.


Catalyst browse is horrible software, making buying decisions based on that is a bad idea

I've had my problems with it but horrible is maybe going too far. It's buggy, which may be disappointing if you're used to non-buggy software that works every time perfectly. I'm only using it for casual video and not pro stuff so for me it's fine.

I also wonder if maybe it'd perform better if I upgraded to a more powerful workstation and that it sometimes fails to export because of something to do with my hardware.

It’s not usable from a practical POV. Cannot batch process, DOA at this point. Takes a long time, video quality is not the same as original, insult to injury.

Sony is a second rate software company.

I agree not being able to batch process is a big headache. But, of course the video quality of the rendered, stabilized video is not the same - the clips are cropped for stabilization. So, the resolution goes down. That is the way it works with any in-post stabilization, gyro or not. This will never be "fixed."

Note that it is claimed that active stabilization (which uses the gyro information in real time) does not degrade resolution, as the extra sensor pixels are used to create a true 4K clip. There are no extra pixels in the 4K clips, so resolution has to go down applying gyro stabilization in post.

not talking about pixels, lost pixels are expected. if you record in 10 bit, you cant output to 10 bit.

That's an important shortcoming, but one only relevant to cameras that can shoot in 10bit. I am glad you now make that clear.

I agree with you, using Catalyst Browse to stabilize video from the a7s iii is not a good idea.

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