Do you switch lenses during your photo session?

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Re: Do you switch lenses during your photo session?

Mare_333 wrote:

Hi all, I am transitioning from Nikon DX format to Nikon Full Frame DSLR. I mainly photograph pets (sometimes running and jumping) and portraits. After doing my research I've decided on Nikon D750. When I was using DX I had my 17-55 f/2.8 that I used for BOTH pets and portraits. So I did NOT need a SEPARATE wide angle and telephoto lens. With Nikon Full Frame the choices are more limited. It looks as you have to buy SEPARATELY a wide angle lens (for ex. 24-70) and telephoto lens (for ex 70-200) My question is - do you switch lenses during your photo sessions? I find that if I am photographing people full length I'll need a wider lens and then if it's just shoulders up I'll need a more telephoto lens. Obviously I can get closer to the person with a wider lens but then I am risking to get distortion. Also if you are photographing landscapes that's not an issue you can switch lenses to your heart's content. But photographing people they may get annoyed at you switching lenses or think that you don't know what you are doing. What is your experience with this? Would appreciate your advice, thanks.

I have always used two bodies since I have been making money with photography. My primary expertise before the pandemic was concerts. Concerts are full of fleeting moments where you need to be on the lookout to get the right shot. Changing lenses in any gig, especially those that happen in a set amount of time, can cause you to miss out on shots. I have years of experience with this and I always try to research the gig, venue, variables before walking into a venue. I always come with a gameplan and that's is directly because of my background.
With that said, there have been plenty of gigs where I ended up switching anyway. Maybe because I overlooked something and the lens I opened with, wasn't the right choice. Or maybe I just had a "Ah screw it, let's try this" epiphany. Either way, it happens sometimes and when/where just depends on you and your subject matter. In a crowded concert, you might not even have that luxury unless you wanna miss the best shots! Sometimes its better to just get the shot with the "wrong" lens rather not than not get it at all. Sometimes you surprise yourself.

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