The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

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Re: The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

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I'm going to be "that person", but I can't see anything in these images that warrant the price tag.

I can forgive the first two images as they're low light/high ISO, but with the two outdoors images - nothing looks particularly in focus, and I'd go as far as saying the lens looks borderline faulty when reviewing the out of focus areas.

If everyone can find those subjective/non-quantifiable buzz words such as rendering, character, and 3D pop then brilliant - but I'd personally argue the opposite.

I was thinking the same GREAT POP but no real IQ.

Thanks all for the feedback! I have the canon 95 mm protect clear filter in front of the lens. Those pictures are out of camera JPEG and I barely had the lens for 24 hours so lots to learn.

I'd definitely spend some time testing the lens on some boring subjects (with and without the filter).

I'm not a "photograph brick walls with ever new lens" kind of guy (plenty are, and it's not a bad thing), but I'd definitely recommend making sure you're fundamentally happy with the performance of the lens by testing it out against others you have. Very easy for a new lens to arrive, be mega excited with it, only for the novelty to wear off a month later and you realise it doesn't perform as well as you'd hope.

It's also very easy to listen to us random internet folk, but it's your money (and your happiness with it) at the end of the day. I personally wouldn't be happy with that IQ from the lens, but it comes down to your own conclusions.

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