The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

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Re: The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

ProDude wrote:

shawnphoto wrote:

It's the best lens on any mount. It's all about the color gradations. When I look at what my other lenses do there is something missing. Even the RF 70-200mm. My Sigma glass looks dead and lacking the full color spectrum. If it had Leica written on it they would charge $15,000 for this lens and be justified.

Just my opinion!

Believe me Shawn I do respect you. But in this instance I'd have to say I would not be in agreement. It's not a big deal. So what I see when using say my RF24-70 f2.8L IS USM is a very much color rich response to the elements I'm shooting. By NO means devoid in any way of the color spectrum. And according to Canon that would be in line with their design goals. I also recently took on a couple of Sigma lenses after much deliberation. I wrung the heck out of them to determine if they would not only meet my needs but had ANY lack of performance in ANY realm including their portrayal of the color spectrum. BOTH have wowed me so much so as to walk away from the idea of getting the RF equivalents. We're talking about the Sigma 14-24 f2.8 DG HSM Art and the Sigma 105 f1.4 DG HSM Art for the discussions sake.

I would indeed defend the reproduction those particular lenses bring to the table. Perhaps not all Sigma's do, but I strongly feel those 2 DO! Otherwise sending them back would be easy......but they are going nowhere but in my bag. I had a opportunity to work with a RF28-70 f2.0 for a week. Believe me when I say it is a remarkable lens and with it's own unique personality indeed.........I'm not taking anything away from it that's for sure. After sending the rental back I opted to not order one for myself YET! But I'm pretty sure down the road in this next year I'll likely have one in my bag along with my others, to provide it's unique character to my shooting when desired. But once again I'm NOT taking away the character's that the Sigma's I DID choose have. Each one has something it's bringing to the table and I won't take that away from them either.

My opinion is based on editing the files thousands of times. It's a lens that delivers the goods all the time because it is all there. Don't have to wait for good light, or find a different angle. Just take the picture and unfailingly it delivers straight from f/2.0.

It has all the power of a fast prime and then some. Plus its own special magic like you said.

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