My Experience with the RX100 in Disney (Example Striking Differences)

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Re: My Experience with the RX100 in Disney (Example Striking Differences)

agentBG425 wrote:

Hello! New to the forum, but wanted to share a few pics.

Last Christmas, before the craziness of COVID, we visited the crowded Disney parks in Florida. I took the first picture with the RX100 vii. The camera was in auto mode, I was in the middle of a crowd, I didn't even try to take a good shot. I think most of us, even with a critical eye, would agree it is a good shot given the circumstances I just described, and especially for a camera that fits in my pocket!

But then how do I explain the second and third pictures? They were taken within an hour of the first picture, and there are many like them in the library. In the first pic where you can kind of see the plastic Santas, there are several shots in a row like this, even though I was standing still.

The third shot, again there are many like it, were in a slow moving boat ride (It's a Small World).

I am sure many of you are going to say this could have been avoided by properly setting up the camera, and I don't disagree for a second, but the reality is that there are times in life (like in Disney of all places) where that is not possible - and it would be great to have an understanding how the same camera can produce such different results on the same night. Was this user error? Just the reality of auto modes?

I'm new here so please go easy! But thoughts/input is greatly appreciated!

Well, the third shot is easy. You were on a moving boat, and in 1/8th of a second, you moved quite a lot.

General rule with IBIS on mid-MP sensors *with stable footing and prep* is 1.5/FL Shutter speed, and if the camera wasn't doing 1/FL (1/8 at 24mm?) on auto mode, that suggests there was so little light that it hit the limits of the auto ISO setting. And that's when you're, and I cannot stress this enough, *not on a moving boat*.

The second shot looks like an AF miss off a cheap camera in low light which happens to the best of us on the most expensive gear (at lower miss rates). Part of the reason to take 3-4 shot bursts and give the AF half a second to settle. Also at 1/13 second at ~40mm equivalent which is really pushing the IBIS.

The first shot meanwhile is 1/250 in high light, which both means that the camera doesn't have time to shake *and* the AF has plenty of light to find a subject. Even better, f/4 on a small sensor which is ~f/10 in Full Frame. Plenty of depth in your field even if it misses a bit.

/I shoot landscape and obviously people shooters will have different ideas, but I use Aperture mode during the day and manual mode with auto ISO at night when handheld, then back out to Aperture with fixed ISO 100 and automatic shutter speed on a tripod.

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