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captureitall33 wrote:

I am looking into getting involved in some astrophotography sessions in the upcoming months and when looking into gear, I am trying to find a camera that would be well versed outside the realm of astro as well. I will be mostly focusing on images with the foreground and not towards deep deep space but am not ruling out expanding into the telescope, deep space type photography as well.

I would really appreciate some camera and lenses recommendation that would be good at:


-Wildlife/Nature scenes

Not looking to break the 1000 dollar mark right away before I see if astro is something I will take a knack for or not.

Any first hand user experience would be great as articles are not giving me the confidence I would like in purchasing.

Much appreciated by anyone!

For $1000, I'd literally wait for a new moon next May/June/July, *rent* an FF camera with a wide-angle f/2.8 or faster lens with an amazing tripod and ballhead for a week or two, and go travel for good lighting conditions (Clouds, etc). Then come home, process, and buy anything you liked.

There are very, very few things you need the good sensors and specific fast glass for and 43MP FF isn't an indulgence (writes a person who indulged), but this is one of them.

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