Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

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Re: Are telephoto lenses good for travel?

darrenhaken wrote:

peter826 wrote:

When I bought my first interchangeable lens camera (an A7R), I went for a couple of years with just a 16-35 and a 70-300. I didn't shoot in between. I've since added a 28-75, though I notice I don't use it much. Perhaps a 50mm prime would be better.

Regardless, I wouldn't be without my 70-300 on any trip, and I often lug a Sigma 150-600 with me as well. I think some of us "see" in telephoto and like those longer focal lengths. Great for picking out details, also great for compressing a scene. I'd insert some examples, but apparently the "Insert image from Web" feature still doesn't work. Sigh.

Any 70-300 you'd recommend on the Sony system? Assuming you're still using it that is.

I had actually toyed with replacing my 24-105 with a telephoto and travelling with a gap in the middle like you (maybe filled with a prime).

Can you try and describe the type of environments or shots where you'd decide to switch from your 16-35 to the telephoto?

I have the Sony 70-300, and I like it very much.  Not too large, not too heavy.  It has OSS so its easy to shoot handheld even at 300mm.

I think most would use the longer focal length for animals, details, etc.  When looking at my landscape and travel photos, I think I am using it more to compress a scene, and make the background look closer/larger in relation to the foreground.  This would be an example:

Michigan City, Indiana

Clearly I could take a photo of the lighthouse with a shorter focal length (this photo is at 546mm), but if I did so, you would probably not be able to see the Chicago skyline in the distance.  Using a longer telephoto lens gives you this sort of perspective, and I think makes the photo much better.

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