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Re: 1200mm: Digital Teleconverter, revisited

OldGuy-Yuri wrote:

Eric Nepean wrote:

Bravo for providing some real life images and taking a careful look at the DTC.

I've also onbserved that the 2xDTC on both Panasonic and Olympus cameras is rather better than one would expect and can be quite useful.

Unfortunately the magnification of the two images you provide doesn't lead itself to a good comparison - if you happened to have a pair where the two FL was closer to 2:1 that would be useful.

Yeah, you're correct. As I stated, it wasn't intended to be a comparo. The results, however, were worth re-opening the discussion.
Given this I will prolly try to plan a comparo session - with different parameters.
Using different settings

Take 3 images - one optical at a base FL, then another using optical FL zoom at 2x, and then the original base FL with the DTC - so a comparo can be made with a 'crop' comparo to DTC; and also optical same FL to realized DTC done at the resultant FL.
So compare the effect of cropping vs DTC, and the actual optical
f8 instead of f14 - since most lenses start falling off the roof after f11...
Base ISO of 200 rather than the 1000 I used on these.
There are many other Qs which come up, when considering the possibilities of DTC.
Like, action/sports,fast movement photography - WIll DTC work? How will it react when one tries to use sequential bursts? Will burst speed be affected? How does it react under CAF?
Given everything I see now, DTC really is quite an amazing feature. Much better than I expected, and a useful extension of computatonal photography.
If we saddle all new/current photography with the requirement of ultimate pixel resolution, we lose sight of what makes photographic expression broad and compelling.
And we would have only documents/history/encyclopedic entries.
Images like Dorothea Lange's - Migrant Mother (1936) would only be a historic document, not the absolutely wonderful art it is.

Dorothea Lange - Migrant Mother, Nipomo 1936

Or George Shiras' - Moose in the Mist (1909)

George Shiras - Moose in the Mist 1909

I choose to want it all! LOL!

PS I think x2 DTC has great usage for making movies too- far better than the "digital movie teleconverter" movie effect.

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