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The CIPA figures are slightly higher for the 2nd gen camera (with the included EN-EL15c) than the 1st gen with the b battery. Of course it is theoretically possible the second gen could have worse battery life with the b battery but I don't know if that's been tested. At any rate it won't be a dramatic difference.

Is your battery legit OEM?

Original battery....but I have also tried an old EN-EL15

...anyway...continuing with this, it is incredible how to simply go to the menu to change a single parameter, an action that can last two, three seconds, can consume 3% of the battery ..... it seems to me something incredibly badly resolved by Nikon

What, what? Yes, it's incredible because it isn't true. How are you actually testing this?

I really don't understand why you're still griping about this. You've already established that you yourself can shoot for 2 days with this battery and still have juice to spare, and conjuring up fantasty extreme conditions that you're never going to face doesn't change this fact. You just seem intent on ruining your own enjoyment of this camera unnecessarily. Has a single day of shooting been ruined for you recently due to battery life? If the answer is yes, then sell the camera and just move on.

maybe you don't have to be so aggressive.

Yes that is true, it is absolutelt true!! in my camera, simply checking a single parameter in the menu, two, three seconds on the LCD screen consumes 3% of battery, and I have the brightness at -2. Yes, it is absolutely true. Do you have my camera to contradict me?

I'm just trying to figure out if it's a configuration issue or is this particular camera having a flaw.

But how do you even know what the battery level is before & after checking parameter? You have to check battery level first, then check your parameter, then re-check the battery - more than 2-3 seconds. Any change of -3% in that time is probably just your camera updating its battery info by intervals - it doesn't seem to be linear.

To test, on my Z6ii I just started with 100% charge, left screen on and opened menu to check Setup > Battery Info every few seconds, then back to shooting display, refocused scene, repeat. It took *2 minutes* of doing this for the battery level to change, and then it jumped from 100% to 98%. So not linear - and speed of discharge may also vary depending on starting charge level and environment esp. temperature. It should be easy for you to test the real performance of your own battery like this and post the results.

If I just did that test for 2 hours continuously then I'd run my battery flat of course. But as I posted, I can take 900 shots in a 1-hour session just using 20% of battery. You can shoot with yours for 2 days using 70%. Real-world usage is what matters. We should both be happy with that performance.

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