Who tried Fujifilm X Trans Camera - Then Came Back To Nikon DX ?

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Re: Who tried Fujifilm X Trans Camera - Then Came Back To Nikon DX ?

I also wanted to add this, this awful, terrible, horrible picture. It's to prove a point. From my current experience with mirrorless, here's something I couldn't do...not saying you want to :), but to prove the point that Nikon DSLRs with spot metering (and spot AF) and this D3400 in the dark of night instantly nailed focus on this airplane flying over head. Did I underexpose? Yes. Did I forget to change my ISO? Yes again (I was shooting the moon and trying to shoot Jupiter tonight. I also shot this plane for fun). The focus was instant, and check out the stability! The image would have been decently sharp (and visible) if the sensor had 10 stops of DR. LOL

A pointless image to prove a point, i think. DSLRs still have a niche spot in the world. Mirrorless may not be able to focus on this - at least not quickly.

So I'm keeping my D3400. If Nikon were smart they'd come out with more crop sensor lightweight teles. Here's the same D3400 and 70-300 af-p lens shooting the moon tonight. Once the spot metering and spot AF are setup, this moon image is taken so quickly, fast is so fast.

D3400 moon crop


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