Who tried Fujifilm X Trans Camera - Then Came Back To Nikon DX ?

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Re: Who tried Fujifilm X Trans Camera - Then Came Back To Nikon DX ?

chrisD46 wrote:

*Curious for those that tried going with Fuji-X Trans mirrorless cameras came back to Nikon DX system ... If so , what were your reasons ? I currently shoot with a D3300 with all Nikkor VRII / P class Zooms + 35mm f/1.8 Nikkor) and shoot travel / documentary in RAW . In terms of physical size and sensor size , the D3300 holds it's own against say the the Fuji X-T30 . There is something to be said for the Fujifilm line of APS-C size fixed length lenses as well as jpeg film simulations - but beyond that I don't know much about the Fuji-X cameras ? While not the best from my recent travels with said D3300 in tow - below is an example of what I am able to squeeze out of the system in RAW and mostly processed in Capture NX-D) :

Nice eye catching development of this RAW image! Love it!

I really enjoyed my D3100. I bounced around between m43, Sony's, Canon Rebel and back to the D5500 then sold that and went mirrorless again (not Fuji) and then bounced back to Nikon with the D7500. I enjoyed the AF speed, colors, metering and controls on the D7500. I did not enjoy the weight and poor movie AF (I would just prefocus and then film). Although the flat profile in movie mode is easy to grade and the colors are really good.

Next I picked up an omd em1 ii but found the stills AF lacking compared D7500. I got a Z50 and found the AF lacking and not intuitive unlike the Nikon DSLRs. I told myself to avoid Canon and their Cripple Hammer, yet last month when I saw the EOS RP + 24-240 on sale I bought it and I am loving it so far. I'm surprised. It's not a speed camera like the em1 ii nor even the D7500 but it's good enough. The DR isn't great at low ISOs but the noise and DR is much better than these all previous cameras at high ISOs. The grip is good and is easy to hold. The AF is intuitive. The ergos are really good. The 1080p movie AF is great and the 4K movie AF isn't terrible. So far, I'm finding DPP does much better than Adobe CR with skin tones from RAW files. YET STILL I'm keeping my Nikon D3400. For example the af-p 70-300 is a great tele lens, it is lightweight and a fairly sharp lens (and it is super easy to shoot the moon for example). Also I like how Nikon's can meter to a single spot AF point, the RP can't do that (there's a work around but I prefer the Nikon way). The Nikon D3x00, D5x00 popup fill flash is handy. So there are times I grab the D3400 but it's becoming the niche cam and the RP is becoming my main camera. As for the em1 ii, it's going to get sold.

I miss the D7500 but I don't miss the weight/bulk. The other thing that sold me on Canon RF mount are the compact lenses. The fairly compact 24-240, 10x zoom, (compact for a full frame) is an excellent walk around lens but when I saw the compact 70-200 2.8 and now the compact 70-200 f4 coming out I liked the direction canon is heading in. On the other hand, the Nikon Z 70-200 2.8 is a work of art but huge and heavy. I was confused about the Z 50mm .95 lens. That lens cost Nikon precious R&D time/money. That's the lens to make AFTER the 50 1.2, 85 1.2 and all the rest, not before! Also Nikon is stretched while trying to do both F-mount and Z-mount...not good. Time to go full steam ahead on mirrorless, Nikon!

One lens the F-mount was missing, a crop AF-P 18-135 lens. Why, oh why, did they not make that lens?! That lens on a D3500, D5600, D7500 would be a really light excellent kit! I think they are making it for the Z mount.

My two cents? Stick the the D3x00 series. If you want to MOVE UP to FF, look to Canon RF mount like the RP or R because Canon has compact lenses that go well with mirrorless bodies. You can even pickup the rf 24-105 4-7.1 on ebay for pretty cheap, which is another lightweight compact FF lens. The compact lens design is a smart move by Canon.

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