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1:1 macro with 120 and 45 extension tube - driftwood

OK Morey,

You motivated me.  😁

I was looking around the house and trying to find and interesting object to 1:1 macro shoot with the GF 120mm and 45 extension tube.  I didn't want to shoot the roman glass again.  So I found an interesting piece of driftwood that we found on a beach in Southern Chile about 5 years ago.  It is about the size of the palm of my hand and it had a lot of colors and interesting indentations and was real hard wood that was worn into a polished knob.

I set the GFX 100 with 120 and 45 extension tube up on the focus rail and geared head.  I didn't shoot it straight down on the object but at a slanted angle meaning there was a lot of distance for the DOF to travel from near Focus Point A to Far Focus Point B.  It is 144 shots using auto bracketing.  I exported 144 files from LR as DNG to Helicon Focus and rendered them using Method B and C.  This is method B.

I peeped the DNG and as usual am amazed at the grain of the wood and the small little sea animal pods and other details that I didn't even know were there.

I think this is 1:1 and the frame is the size of the sensor.  Well, I tried at least but maybe I cheated back a bit on the distance.  I used that rail to move it back and forth to find the closest possible focus point on the object.

But there are parts of this still not in focus.  I would probably have needed 250 shots to get it all sharp. I guess I didn't set point B far enough back.

My computer is a very powerful gaming rig and I was using about 55MB of fast RAM and my i9 10900k CPU was cooking pretty hard on that export and rendering all of those 144 big raw files.   But the programs were not using my GPU much.

I hope this was an interesting object to macro focus stack.  The rendered DNG was almost 400 MB.  I exported this full-size 85% quality jpeg here at 51 MB.

I used light from a window behind me and two small LED lights pointed down on the object.  I set one real warm and one real cold and had some interesting colors.

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