Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

That's difficult from the top of my head, five years ago it took me weeks to get the right settings. They are now 'hidden' in presets, dials, knobs etc. There are thousands of options. In fact, I changed more than 90 percent of the menus to get three working presets:

C1: landscapes and macro.

C2: perched birds, stationary animals.

C3: emergency action settings for everything that moves.

Action is on C3 so you can't make a mistake when your eye is at the viewfinder and you are following a bird. Simply rotate to the end. And so on, writing them all down takes days

In addition to the presets mentioned above, there are also the 6 different 'Case' settings in the AF section of the menu that allow you to set each 'Case' for a different type of photographic situation and within each 'Case', you can adjust the sensitivity of the AF further. The degree to which you can customize just the AF alone on the 7D2 is amazing, let alone the rest of the camera. In my opinion (and it's just that-my opinion) if you're not getting very good results from the 7D2 it's because of user error or you haven't utilized the full potential of what the AF system on this camera has to offer.


This is the level of info I've been looking for. Can you elaborate. or is that proprietary? After years with the 7DII, I'm still learning & delving deeper into the settings.

I have no issues with static subjects. But BIF can always be improved, esp when birds drop below the horizon in flight. And another thing I may be mis-configuring are the focus points. I typically use a 9pt array, which I often move to get heads/eyes in focus. I'm assuming that the benefit of 65AF points is to offer more options for where to center a specified array. But I may bot be taking full advantage of the settings.

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