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Dyun27 wrote:

717 wrote:

Very nice

Right now my issue just trying it is it doesn't pick up my presets. The Nikon software will apply the in camera setting to the raw conversion process unless I do something to stop it. For example if I have it on Vivid, it used those presents.

The DXO software seems to ignore all that. I am sure there is a lot I don't yet know about it.

No third-party software will apply your in-camera Nikon settings. Only View NXi and Capture NX-D are capable of that.

You can create your own presents in DxO and set one of them to either automatically apply to all your imported photos, or you can apply different presets to different photos as you go.

I need to figure out the equivalents of the Nikon settings and store the presets then. The other choice is do the deep-prime noise reduction and then develop the rest of it with the Nikon software or some other mix while I learn all the ins and outs.

Speaking of, I never liked the SOOC jpegs from my D60, the PC always seems to do better developing the raw files. The D300 seems smarter, the SOOC photos are usually pretty good, high ISO noise excepted.

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