Do you go back and look at your older photos

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Re: Do you go back and look at your older photos

I do this frequently.

We have a lot of prints up on the walls.    I sometimes find an image similar to one already on the wall, taken at the same time and location, that I find to be preferable from either a technical or composition standpoint, so I will print it and replace the one on the wall.   I have done this often enough to know there are some good images I have overlooked in the past.

We have an upstairs hallway which is where I have only black and white prints hung.     I only have around a dozen hung, given the limits of wall space and the fact that they are all 11X14".    In each instance when I took the original photograph I was only thinking 'photograph', not 'black and white photograph'.     It was only after, sometimes long after, with the convenience of reflection, that I had the opportunity to go back and look at the original images and assess their potential in black and white.      I now find this relatively small number of photographs to be some of my most satisfying.    I realize that many photographers have the ability to look at a scene and evaluate how it will look as a black and white image.   I do not have that talent, or at least the self-discipline to apply it in the field, so when I do come up with a good black and white photograph I am extremely pleased.

The vast majority of my photographs have been taken when the bride has been with me.  She is not a photographer, but she has an excellent eye.    She knows what I am looking for, so she often finds different locations or perspectives that I can use.    Each of these outings, whether a two month+ road trip or just a day in the open Jeep in the local back country, builds fond memories for us.

So for me, going back through old photographs is a meaningful and enjoyable part of photography.

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