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Re: 1200mm: Digital Teleconverter, revisited

OldGuy-Yuri wrote:

So, I've revived this thread because I have some new comparo images for the DIgital Teleconverter.
I was hiking the Santa Ynez River Canyon/Red Rocks just over the mtns from Santa Barbara. A super nice day, with wonderful light.
Took some shots of a Red Shoulder Hawk with the Digital Teleconverter and without, hoping to get enough differentiation from the very similar colors of the Canyon Walls.no luck... Hawk was well camouflaged.
So I also took some shots of the Canyon, just below Gibraltar Dam, and realized I had left the Teleconverter ON. So I took similar shots with the DIgital Teleconverter OFF (not really thinking of doing a comparo...)
After looking at both sets of images, I realized that there was very little difference!
Speaks a lot for the value of the DTC.
Below are 2 similar images - 1st is the non-DTC image, 2nd using the DTC.
shot with my EM5-ii & 14-150, no post done, OOC jpgs with full EXIF. SLight difference in focal length because I wasn't really intending a comparo - non-DTC is 42mm , DTC is 31mm, so 62 mm realized by the DTC.
Given certain situations, the DTC seems very much a viable tool when you want/need a focal length not available with the lenses you might have available. This really broadens the opportunities for what can be done with Oly cameras.

EM5-ii, Oly 14-150, 42mm with no digital teleconverter

Em5-ii, Oly 14-150, 31mm - Digital Teleconverter used, so 62mm as shown.


Bravo for providing some real life images and taking a careful look at the DTC.

I've also onbserved that the 2xDTC on both Panasonic and Olympus cameras is rather better than one would expect and can be quite useful.

Unfortunately the magnification of the two images you provide doesn't lead itself to a good comparison - if you happened to have a pair where the two FL was closer to 2:1 that would be useful.

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(Feel free to edit and repost any image that I have posted in a DPR, as long as you identify me as the original poster)

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