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AW9nineteen wrote:

I am in the middle of trying to scrub my MacBook and reorganize the photos I have for simplicity. Currently I do not have a system in place except that I pay 9.99 for Lightroom and also use iCloud. My current plan of action is to put all of the photos I have on an SD card and start over.

The Sony A7R series has monstrous file sizes, so my question is, how do you manage all of your photos and keep things simple? Do you keep RAW files/is it worth it? I think one of the keys will be to do a better job of not importing files I do not want to keep/have in 2 years.

Until then, I have to find a way to pull all 200gbs of photos and videos into a single program and remove them from my hard drive from there.

Open to opinions and suggestions. Thank you

I almost never leave any photo in my mac book, for two reason. 1, I carry my MacBook everywhere, so it may get robbed, or stolen, or smily damaged, 2. Internal space is very expensive, Apple want $1000 extra for 4 TB SSD for their new 16 inch MacBook pro, so only have a 1TB internal  only so it can fill up pretty soon too with all those 120MB uncompressed RAW.

I use multiple 2TB external SSD as photo processing drive, so as soon as I get home or hotel room or office,  I dump all my files from my memory cards to this external SSD, and do all my editing there. Once all the editing is done, I transfer it to the Synology NAS. I also have a Drobo DAS and I even back up my file there so I always have two copies, which is really not necessary but since I have it so i just do it.

Nowadays the external SSD is really fast, I now use the NVMe M.2 SSD ( in a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure and in USB 3.2 enclosure), it's super fast, and even when I use that in  USB 3.2. enclosure connect via  USB-C cable it fast enough for photo processing. after all done, I transfer them to the NAS and empty my external SSD for next photo session.

Reason I use NAS is besides the redundancy protection, I can also access to all my files from any of my computer whether I am at home sitting in front of home office desk using my Mac Pro, or in my living room watching TV and playing with my Mac Book pro, or in a different room using my iMac, or on the road sitting in coffee shop with my laptop, or a hotel room at night during my vacation or business trip,  in the office with my work computer.........I can access to my file anywhere there is internet.

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