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1200mm: Digital Teleconverter, revisited

So, I've revived this thread because I have some new comparo images for the DIgital Teleconverter.
I was hiking the Santa Ynez River Canyon/Red Rocks just over the mtns from Santa Barbara. A super nice day, with wonderful light.
Took some shots of a Red Shoulder Hawk with the Digital Teleconverter and without, hoping to get enough differentiation from the very similar colors of the Canyon Walls.no luck... Hawk was well camouflaged.
So I also took some shots of the Canyon, just below Gibraltar Dam, and realized I had left the Teleconverter ON. So I took similar shots with the DIgital Teleconverter OFF (not really thinking of doing a comparo...)
After looking at both sets of images, I realized that there was very little difference!
Speaks a lot for the value of the DTC.
Below are 2 similar images - 1st is the non-DTC image, 2nd using the DTC.
shot with my EM5-ii & 14-150, no post done, OOC jpgs with full EXIF. SLight difference in focal length because I wasn't really intending a comparo - non-DTC is 42mm , DTC is 31mm, so 62 mm realized by the DTC.
Given certain situations, the DTC seems very much a viable tool when you want/need a focal length not available with the lenses you might have available. This really broadens the opportunities for what can be done with Oly cameras.

EM5-ii, Oly 14-150, 42mm with no digital teleconverter

Em5-ii, Oly 14-150, 31mm - Digital Teleconverter used, so 62mm as shown.


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