Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

Yes I would re-install the driver from Epson website for whichever OS you're on.

Just to be certain: your monitor & printer profiles are all in your User folder - Library>ColorSync>Profiles?

Then try this: remove any printer that references the P900 from your list of printers in System Prefs>Printers & Scanners. Then add a new printer & wait a while till the list populates. Then up the top, click on the globe symbol (not sure if that's a Big Sur thing or not) but select Internet Printing Protocol - IPP & add your P900's address (eg Then under that, in Use, select Select Software... Then select the P900 entry. Then Add. At the end of the process your P900 will have an "(IP)" showing after your printer's name at the top of the Printers & Scanners box.

I find that my connection is very stable & fast with it done this way. I'm on a wireless connection. Prints just as fast as on a wired connection. No problem. You probably already know this but thought would share that with you in case you didn't.

My X-rite profile works fine, no difference to ones done under Catalina.

Your settings page will probably come good after you connect the physical printer. Until then I probably wouldn't worry about it. And in the meantime, if you have the ink, you can use your 3880. You're lucky to have that one at least. I only had my one dysfunctional P906, that's why I was desperate to replace it asap.

Good luck with it. Hope you get the new one sooner than later!

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