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I am in the middle of trying to scrub my MacBook and reorganize the photos I have for simplicity. Currently I do not have a system in place except that I pay 9.99 for Lightroom and also use iCloud. My current plan of action is to put all of the photos I have on an SD card and start over.

The Sony A7R series has monstrous file sizes, so my question is, how do you manage all of your photos and keep things simple? Do you keep RAW files/is it worth it? I think one of the keys will be to do a better job of not importing files I do not want to keep/have in 2 years.

Until then, I have to find a way to pull all 200gbs of photos and videos into a single program and remove them from my hard drive from there.

Open to opinions and suggestions. Thank you

Use a USB hard drive? They are at least 2TB today, and fast enough with UBS 3.0/3.1.

You can go faster if you need.

200GB is nothing 2TB drive.

I suggest to organize them by year, by topic, by camera, by project, etc.

Yes, I keep RAW files, but put them in separate folders. They are a backup, usually for low light or other details (often color or lens profile related).

Lightroom lets you organize libraries. I would first set up the file system, and then link them back to LR.

Also be aware, libraries in LR do import thumbnails into local drive folders, this can accumulate as well.

If you can operate on the USB hard drive, instead of the local hard drive, you win in two ways: 1) you free up the local disk and 2) you can make infinite copies (just copy the HDD hard drive data onto another hard drive and plug in, mapping the drive-name).

I prefer local backup rather than cloud backup... Do keep processed files in the cloud, but not all the raw data.

So are you suggesting putting all files onto a flash, then using the flash to control what goes onto the Mac?

No, I would suggest to keep all import and export data on the secondary hard-drive, but keep libraries, workflows, on the main harddrive.

Nothing goes on the Mac this way, only context and work data (LR doesn't touch the originals), and your output is also on the external harddrive.

You can organize projects by such drives, and make backup copies of such drives.

You would never hit a file size issue -  unless you'd want to access all files in a single search, etc. Either way, you should not overflow disk space this way.

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