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Re: Migrating

Tom_N wrote:

There are a couple of ways to view pictures in the Finder instead of launching Preview. One is to open a multi-column view in the Finder and move through the filenames.

Another is to open a list view or multi-column view, select the first file, and right-click to select Quick Look. When the first picture comes up, press Command-Delete if you want to trash it, or the down arrow key if you want to keep it. Rinse, lather, repeat.

What you are doing here is moving between individual files in the underlying list window. Down arrow is doing what you'd expect, and Command-Delete also advances to the next photo once the current one is in the Trash. As you move, the Finder keeps refreshing the Quick View window that it has opened up in front of the file listing one.

NOTE: Do NOT select multiple photos, go into Quick Look, and press Command-Delete. Quick Look will let you view multiple selections, but it won't delete them independently, so all of the selected photos will wind up in the Trash.

Will try this now. The issue was I never did a great job of keeping everything in one place and keeping it simple. What I decided to do was wipe my mac completely and only put onto a flash drive what I want to keep.

Funny part is I tried the Apple Preview, but it wouldn't let me easily delete from there. I will try the quick look now. Ideally I just want to go through all of the photos in Pictures, put them onto a single flash, wipe my Mac of everything else and start over.

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