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Wow! I have the P1000 since more than two years ago, and never knew it's that good!

Congratulations and thank you very much for opening such a shooting area I never thought about

Stay safe and happy shooting,


P.S. Your granddaughter seems not only very pretty, but also very skilled; you should be proud with her!

I’ve been continually surprised at what it can do. Realizing the limitations set by the sensor, it’s kind of a gift seeing how well it can perform in everyday casual shooting situations. When researching the P1000 before buying, all I read was “only good in daylight” or things to that effect. I have found that to be untrue for my purposes.

And thank you, we’re quite proud of her, in many ways!

From what I've read, I think they mean that for the best telephoto shots out beyond 1000mm, especially near its 3000mm limit, very good light is needed to help it focus properly. That would elicit a "no kidding" from most people.

My relatively lowly 7-year old Fuji Finepix HS50EXR is very decent in low light. And folks who compare that camera with the P900-1000 series claim their low light capability is equal or better than the Fuji. At shorter focal lengths where the lens opens up to 2.8, then low light shooting will be pretty darn good.

With the P1000 when using 3000mm and at f/8,

is going to require some decent lights for photos.


If look at the below charting (see below),

the strengths of the P900, P950, P1000,

28mm @ f/2.8

135mm @ f/4

600mm @ f/5

1000mm @ f/5.6

for these all-in-one superzooms,

which are very complex cameras,

it's important to know it's strengths,

as well to know it's weakness in using.


=> P950 vs (P900) vs [P1000].. Combined

24mm @ f/2.8 (f/2.8) [f/2.8]

28mm @ f/2.8 (f/2.8) [f/2.8] ..!!! !!! !!!

30mm @ f/3.2

33mm @ f/3.2

35mm @ f/3.2 (f/3.2) [f/3.2]

40mm @ f/3.2

43mm @ f/3.2

47mm @ f/3.2

50mm @ f/3.5 (f/3.5) [f/3.2]

55mm @ f/3.5

60mm @ f/3.5

70mm @ f/3.5

75mm @ f/3.5

80mm @ f/4.0

85mm @ f/4.0 (f/4.0) [f/3.5]

95mm @ f/4.0

105mm @ f/4.0 (f/4.0) [f/4.0]

115mm @ f/4.0

125mm @ f/4.0

135mm @ f/4.0 (f/4.0) [f/4.0] ..!!! !!! !!!

150mm @ f/4.5

170mm @ f/4.5

185mm @ f/4.5

200mm @ f/4.5 (f/4.5) [f/4.5]

220mm @ f/4.5

240mm @ f/4.5

260mm @ f/4.5

300mm @ f/5.0 (f/5.0) [f/4.5]

320mm @ f/5.0

350mm @ f/5.0

380mm @ f/5.0

400mm @ f/5.0 (f/5.0) [f/5.0]

450mm @ f/5.0

500mm @ f/5.0 (f/5.0) [f/5.0]

550mm @ f/5.0

600mm @ f/5.0 (f/5.0) [f/5.0] ..!!! !!! !!!

650mm @ f/5.6

700mm @ f/5.6

800mm @ f/5.6 (f/5.6) [f/5.6]

850mm @ f/5.6

950mm @ f/5.6

1000mm @ f/5.6 (f/5.6) [f/5.6] ..!!! !!! !!!

1100mm @ f/5.6

1200mm @ f/6.3 (f/6.3) [f/5.6]

1400mm @ f/6.3 (f/6.3) [f/5.6]

1500mm @ f/6.3

1600mm @ f/6.3 (f/6.3) [f/6.3]

1800mm @ f/6.3 (f/6.3) [f/6.3]

2000mm @ f/6.5 (f/6.5) [f/6.3]

[2200mm] @ [f/7.1]

[2400mm] @ [f/7.1]

[2600mm] @ [f/7.1]

[2800mm] @ [f/8.0]

[3000mm] @ [f/8.0]



Thanks for the info! I’m just starting to get to know this camera, and a lot of my internal comparisons reflect my years of D70S use (which still gets picked up regularly) 😁


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Cheers, John
(Feel free to download my pictures)
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