What are the chances of Fuji improving AF on XT4 to reliable level?

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Re: What are the chances of Fuji improving AF on XT4 to reliable level?

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I’ve been posting here for five or more years now and I still find this culture of brand protectionism and inability to hear criticism of Fuji embarrassing. I’ve had the same accusations of being a “Sony troll” levelled at me in the past, multiple times, despite exclusively shooting Fuji since 2015 and literally never owning (or even expressing any interest in) a Sony camera. It’s a ridiculous, lazy, knee jerk reaction aimed squarely at shooting the messenger rather than ever dealing with the message, and frankly it’s about time those practicing it grew up a little bit.

To the OP, bear in mind that youtubers especially always exaggerate these problems for clicks. It’s true that Fuji’s autofocus is a step or two behind the best of the competition, but it’s not the worst either. There will be firmware improvements probably, but they’re unlikely to be dramatic. Your best bet if unsure is to find one to try hands on.

To be honest, your post frustrates me more than theirs.  The OP did no-one a good service in his initial post by making very definitive negative statements, without even stating what issues he was referring to.  Why would any enthusiast of any ilk not genuinely want to get some form of substantiation of what issues he was refering to?  And you feel that accusing them of brand protectionism is any better?  
And the irony is that after after calling them out for questioning him, in your second paragraph (directed to the op) you proceed to say exactly the same thing the others said to him.


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