Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

Mr Owl wrote:

Sorry to hear of the long wait. That's a bummer.

With regard to your screenshot, I don't recognise that page. What software are you getting that shot from? It looks like it has come from a different printer, even though it says P900 at the top. I've looked at my printer setup & I can't duplicate that image from any of my settings.

Two things to try:

1. Go to System Preferences>Printers & Scanners>Open Print Queue... Then click on the gear icon in the top righthand corner. You'll see the driver version you're on under the Device Name. Should be 10.86. If not, update it.

I checked and do have 10.86.  Although all the ICC profiles are missing.

2. Open a raw file in Photoshop (I'm on Photoshop 22.1.0 / Camera Raw - the latest version. On the Camera Raw screen, at the bottom, you should see a description of the file to be printed which mentions 16-bit. If not, change your prefs in the application. This is to prove that you have a 16-bit image.

No problem working with 16-bit images - displays it in the details on the bottom left.

Then hit Open at the bottom right hand corner. When image opens, hit CMD-P as if you're going to print. Make sure the P900 is selected at the top. Then pick an Epson profile for the Printer Profile box. Then see if the 16-bit checkbox is there & ticked. If all these things check out you should be good to go.

Your screenshot may then either be somehow reflecting your R3880 or it is messed up because you have no actual P900 printer connected. Perhaps some other forum member can enlighten you on that.

All my 3880 and P900 icc profiles that come with the driver are gone.  I had to manually copy / paste the 3880 ones to the correct folder even after a re-install of the driver.  I am going to try re-installing the P900 driver.  Could just be that I don't have it on or connected, but that shouldn't change the settings pages.

Btw, I'm on Big Sur 11.1 but it's all pretty much the same info, just cosmetic changes.

This is good to know.  X-Rite says to wait to upgrade.  Is your profiler working ok?

My usual page prior to printing:

Mine used to look like that before the recent weird changes.

Epson P900 settings page

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