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Re: Catastrophe Avoided?

James O'Neill wrote:

Possibly, It's unknowable.

Contax made a bet-the-business decision on that sensor... and lost but I think Contax were in the multi-thousand dollar body market.
A $6000-7000 Pentax body was not going to sell in any great quantity. I paid £1299 for a 6MP *ist-D in 2003, at the time the most I'd ever spent on something that could be carried, with a crop sensor and the same resolution. So a 6MP FF body at 4 or 5 times the price would have been a non-starter. No one outside Pentax knows what gave them the push to do the *ist-D instead but I think there must have been a realization that the MZ-D was not going to be viable.
Possibly it was it tied too tightly to the (not very good) Phillips sensor so they couldn't just put another sensor in and launch a (better but still costly) FF camera.

At best carrying on would have produced an embarrassing flop. At worst yes, it might have been catastrophic.

It was the only right decision to cancel this project.

The camera price was 6999 $, the price each sensor was 6000 $.

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