New visitor in my garden

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Re: New visitor in my garden

CrisL wrote:

Oh you have all three P series cameras (P900/P950/P1000)! Which one do you use the most? Also, I really like the resolution and detail in the RAW processed image, but do you think the sky colors in the original are closer to what the sky actually looked like?

In this case I did'nt really care about the colors.

When I want to take the time I known all my softwares can give the colors I will like but the jpg is not my reference .

I sold my P900 . can no longer live without raw ;

So for my casual everiday walk or ride I take the P950 for it's lighter weight

when I known I will be more static and concentrate on a particular subject with good light I take the P1000 to benefit of the extra FL . for my practical usage the weight and the FL are the only differences,

right I need the lighter weight myself as anything over 2 kg is too much for me.

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