DxO Photolab 4 sale

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Re: DxO Photolab 4 sale

ANAYV wrote:

717 wrote:

Did anyone else get in on the Black Friday sale?

I did. Although it was an upgrade.

I couldn't resit and now I have it with no idea how to use it.

Take some time, watch a few YouTube Video Tutorials. You should be fine.

Once I get the hang of this I think it will do a nice job with noise issues on my D300S at high ISO.

Recently tried Deep PRIME on a few ISO 3200 shots I took just for this.

Here's one:

Stay healthy


Very nice

Right now my issue just trying it is it doesn't pick up my presets. The Nikon software will apply the in camera setting to the raw conversion process unless I do something to stop it. For example if I have it on Vivid, it used those presents.

The DXO software seems to ignore all that. I am sure there is a lot I don't yet know about it.

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