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Re: Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

Orsonneke wrote:

I still didn’t make up my mind yet.

looking after reviews, it is now clear to me that:

-you don’t get that much difference in sharpness with the Q2M compared to the Q2.

-you loose flexibility in post.

-however , as being a street shooter going out in the evening as well , the noise advantage is obvious!

Can one of the Q2M shooters tell how many stops in noise you win with the Q2M?

From what I've seen the Q2M's noise advantage at higher ISOs is 1.5–1.67 stops.

My take overall is much like Sjak's: if you have any interest in color photography with a 28mm lens, get the standard Q2. IMO the noise factor isn't relevant 'til ~ISO 3200 and not really significant 'til ISO 12500, when the Q2's files start breaking up a bit when viewed at full res. But in real-world use, unless you're regularly making huge prints, even this isn't that big a deal.

Anyway, pic one and start using it!


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