Photographing Jupiter's Moons

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Re: Photographing Jupiter's Moons

ZlivesinBuda wrote:

This novice would like to photograph Jupiter's moons. I have a Nikon Z6 and a Tamron 70-300 f/4-5.6 telephoto lens along with the Nikkor Z 14-30mm/4S lens. Any suggestions on camera settings or if it is possible with the Great Conjunction having Saturn's brightness making photographing the moons would be appreciated.

You can get the Galilean moons without over-exposing Jupiter, but they'll be very faint and you'll need to boost the shadows in post to really see them.

For exposure on the 300mm zoom I'd start with something around 1/32, F5.6, ISO 100 if you're using a tripod and timer or remote trigger. If not, bump up the ISO and shutter speed by a few stops (like 1/125  @ 400). Saturn is about a stop fainter than Jupiter, so it will show up fine and give a nice impression of the relative brightness.

If you want the moons to stand out more and don't care about blowing out Jupiter and Saturn (at 300m they aren't going look like a whole lot), go a few stops longer exposure and/or higher ISO. To avoid trailing, you'll want to stay below a few seconds, but Jupiter will be swamping everything around it by that point anyway.

Either way, take a few shots at different exposures and see how they come out.

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