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There was a thread a few months ago during the height of the virus where everyone was showing their macro rigs used with their MF gear. There were some very impressive and insane setups and I remember Jim had some kind of macro rail-tripod rig that looked like something they would use to change the main gun on a battle tank....

I had just bought the GF 120 and 45 extension tube and shot some macro using focus stacking (which I was also learning with the new Fuji app along with Helicon). I was using a ball head and nothing else. So as a result of that thread and lots of advice from the Board, I bought a Beno 3DGWH 3-way geared head for a couple of hundred bucks.

I shot a few macro shots with this geared head and it was 20 times better than struggling with a ball head. But it was still hard to move the camera back and forth to get true 1:1. Unless I was going up and down or side to side, I had to move the whole tripod to go back and forth.

So I ordered a Really Right Stuff MPR-192 & Mini-Clamps Package which was a little rail I could attach to the geared head. It is also about 200 bucks. This rail was on back-order for almost 4 months and I just got it in this week but have not shot it yet.

This morning I set up the GFX 100 with the GF 120mm and 45G extension tube on the RRS TFC-24 Series 2 (no center column). I took a few quick phone shots so you can see the setup. It is pretty simple and basic but it works.

I do not agree that the lens needs a tripod foot. Here are some pics of the rig. Note: I always leave my strap on when on a tripod. Always. I keep the strap around my neck while mounting, adjusting and dismounting. I even throw it around my neck while shooting. It has saved me from disaster many times.

Hi Greg, Thanks much for taking the time to show us your setup! Looks pretty solid and convincing. If I were shooting from a geared head on a tripod I’d probably go that route. However I want to shoot from a Wimberly style gimbal on a monopod so I need the mount point to be at the center of gravity for it to be useful. In addition I have a pretty heavy ring light that goes on the front, and that needs a mounting separate from the filter thread otherwise it will be too much stress. Last but not least in the back of my mind is a blog or post somewhere’s that showed how easy it is to crack/rip the bottom tripod mount (and bottom) from a Gfx50s.

And now after cruising the magnification and distance charts for the extension tubes I also need to contemplate if I should be getting the GF 250 before the GF 120, and it has a foot already. At .44x it’s working distance is 69cm, vs 27cm for the 120 at .50x. And then I read this other post about how sharp the GF 100-200 is, just to add more confusion:)

In the end though I’ll still do a collar and foot for the 45mm tube bc it would be handy for the 120 on a gimbal.

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