Inexpensive portrait lens for RP

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Re: Inexpensive portrait lens for RP

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I'm looking for portrait lens with reasonable price / weight / AF performance for RP with EF-RF adapter on used market. So far it seems acc. my research, that Canon EF 85mm f/1,8 USM is the best option. What do you think? Is there some interesting alternative option? The 85mm is the obvious choice, but I'm not against lens in range 60-105mm.

Thanks in advance!

It's difficult to say without knowing what you consider reasonable price/weight/AF performance to be. Your definitions are probably different than mine.

I mentioned one example - over 400g and $200 Canon 85f1.8, I would like to not go too much over it.

You mentioned the Canon EF 85mm f1.8 USM lens. You didn't mention its weight or price. Was I supposed to go to the trouble of looking that information up? I'm new to Canon and even if I weren't I'm not in the habit of memorizing prices and specs.

So far I have only used the RF24-105 STM lens which meets your three criteria for ME, I don't know if it will meet your criteria for YOU.

STM version is f7.1 from 80mm upwards, so it's hardly exciting as a portrait lens.

I don't know what you mean by exciting, and that wasn't listed as one of your criteria. I have taken some very nice portraits with that lens. I'm sorry that was not helpful to you.

I recently got the RF50 1.8 but haven't shot any portraits with it yet.

I see 50f1.8 as good starting point for portraits, maybe I will take one in the future due to compact size and relatively fast apperture.

I bought it primarily for use in tabletop photos, but expect it will be good for 3/4 length portraits.

I will be buying the RF85 2.0 next year to serve as my main portrait lens. I anticipate this lens will be suitable but won't know for sure until I get it.

This would be number one, but I shoot portraits only occasionally so I try to think economically

Yes, I understand, but I have no way of knowing what you consider to be economical. A $600 US lens is a king's ransom to some and chickenfeed to others.

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