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There was a thread a few months ago during the height of the virus where everyone was showing their macro rigs used with their MF gear. There were some very impressive and insane setups and I remember Jim had some kind of macro rail-tripod rig that looked like something they would use to change the main gun on a battle tank....

I had just bought the GF 120 and 45 extension tube and shot some macro using focus stacking (which I was also learning with the new Fuji app along with Helicon). I was using a ball head and nothing else. So as a result of that thread and lots of advice from the Board, I bought a Beno 3DGWH 3-way geared head for a couple of hundred bucks.

I shot a few macro shots with this geared head and it was 20 times better than struggling with a ball head. But it was still hard to move the camera back and forth to get true 1:1.  Unless I was going up and down or side to side, I had to move the whole tripod to go back and forth.

So I ordered a Really Right Stuff MPR-192 & Mini-Clamps Package which was a little rail I could attach to the geared head. It is also about 200 bucks. This rail was on back-order for almost 4 months and I just got it in this week but have not shot it yet.

This morning I set up the GFX 100 with the GF 120mm and 45G extension tube on the RRS TFC-24 Series 2 (no center column).  I took a few quick phone shots so you can see the setup.  It is pretty simple and basic but it works.

I do not agree that the lens needs a tripod foot.  Here are some pics of the rig.  Note:  I always leave my strap on when on a tripod.  Always.  I keep the strap around my neck while mounting, adjusting and dismounting.  I even throw it around my neck while shooting.  It has saved me from disaster many times.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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