Will full-frame become the new APS-C?

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Re: Will full-frame become the new APS-C?

Brian Chichester wrote:

I don't have a dog in this fight because I am not remotely interested in FF cameras.

But some of the thinking in the thread worries me though, because Sony will obviously try to sell us new and more expensive cameras (it's their living after all) - we just don't have to fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

In a previous answer, Bender79ita put forward the idea of "good enough". I'm using Sony APS-C and M4/3 cameras and finding them good enough. I'm even still at 16MP resolution in both systems, and managing to squeeze out some respectable images. I don't see any consistent difference in quality between the two sensor sizes either.

I should make clear that I don't print bigger than A4, and most of my output is displayed on screen, but I have a suspicion that most hobbyist photographers have the same parameters.

If you have the spare cash and want to indulge yourself, there's no harm, but don't fall into thinking you're on some kind of inevitable upward trend.

The thing is, newer APS-C cameras are so improved over APS-C cameras in the past, it's nearly as much of an advantage as if we (back in 2010, say), went with FF.  The bar has been raised, and if you thought APS-C was working for you years ago, it SHOULD be working even better for you now.  Why the big rush to FF, aside from having "the best"?

Then again, I'm not a pro, and I don't have special needs.  I'm able to work with lesser equipment and still get great results.  I even occasionally print large.  When I do so, I don't have problems as long as the original is free from motion blur or such.  (Even so, I could always use software to improve photos.  I'm not restricted to upgrading the camera.)

I enjoy the compact size of the APS-C cameras and don't look forward to getting ever-larger cameras, although I have gone with the modest increases in size that the APS-C cameras have had.

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