GF 4/120 Macro(ish) focusing mechanism

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Re: GF 4/120 Macro(ish) focusing mechanism

Snap Happy wrote:

tokyowalker wrote:

Thanks. The Neewer long lens support looks like it will work out best for me. I wish they would provide a collar for this lens though. I’m going to make one for the 45mm extension tube but it’d be a nice option for the lens alone.

OK, I'll take some snaps later of what it looks like.

That's actually not a bad idea about the extensions tube - I agree the lens would be vastly improved if it had a tripod collar - have you thought about the Viltrox tubes?

The 45mm looks like it might work to fix a collar on? I haven't tried them personally but might be a good choice if you are going to modify it.

Thanks, but actually no worries about the snaps of the rig - I found a good visual description of it on Amazon Japan. It’s quite nice because it has a vertical slot on the front bracket on which I can probably mount my ring light. Amazing what the Chinese can produce so cheaply.

My long term plan is to design a collar and solid Arca foot for the extension and 3D print it using polypropylene like resin in my SLA printer. I’m having a lot of fun with the printer - saves a lot of money too - I’ve just designed a prototype stepper motor bracket for motorizing the rear standard focus on a Cambo Ultima - it will cost perhaps $15 in resin , the Cambo version is $129.00 at B&H. Not to mention I can now get Ultima lens boards laser cut from 3mm acrylic for $5.50 , versus $80 for Cambo ones from B&H. I am also starting to design a Cambo compatible DB Adapter for my Ultima that normally cost $500 at B&H - that will be perhaps $25 in resin cost. I think I’m having more fun making the camera parts then using it ha ha!

I bought a used Viltrox 18mm extension but the mount is a bit sloppy so I’m scared to mount it on the camera. I think the best source for good GFX bayonets is a donor Kipon adapter. I’ll get the real Fujifilm 45mm for the collar project because it conveniently has these longitudinal ridges (I assume for a grip) that will help keep the collar from slipping if I can nail the mating surface well in the print. Not to mention weather sealing.

I have to have all of this ready by February because that’s the season for Japanese ume (plum) blossoms , which in my opinion are more beautiful than the sakura (cherry).

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