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Re: Photolab4/LR issue

Basophil wrote:

I'm a long-time LR user, but I purchased Photolab 4 because of its noise reduction capabilities. I have been doing my initial editing on a RAW file in LR and then exporting to Photolab4 for noise reduction. However, when I transfer to Photolab, I find that my LR adjustments have been cancelled. It just opens as an unedited RAW file. Is there any way around this?

That's the way it is supposed to work as DXO-Photolab Elite's PRIME /DeepPrime noise reduction works during demosaicing, and not on the RGB data like everything else. This is also why PRIME /DeepPrime cannot be used on Tif or jpg images.

Most efficient way of working is to simply open the folder in DXO and process whatever images you want to Tif/jpg so that you can get the benefits of DXO's lens corrections, noise reduction etc. and then sync the folder in LR.

You also have the option of using your favourite LR colour profile if you want because DXO can use DCP profiles.


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