Lightroom Printing Broken - December 2020 Update?

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OP Jamil Abbasy Senior Member • Posts: 1,338
Re: Lightroom Printing Broken - December 2020 Update?

Update at 1am: I tried turning OFF 16 Bit Output in Lightroom and in the 3880 Printer Driver settings. This has seemed to fix it on the half print I just made.  However, this makes no sense, because Adobe says that on / off only affects speed and not print quality.

I have always had 16 bit turned on in the past for the 3880.  From what I understand, there isn't much benefit from 16 bit printing output.

I went to the P900 printer dialog box to see if it has a 16 bit checkbox and the printer driver looks completely different now with a weird "printer features" section instead of the "printer settings" section.   This could be because I don't have a P900 connected (it's being replaced), but I'm not sure what's going on.

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